10 Steps to launch your own business in Mauritius

Today, youths are advised to consider entrepreneurship for their career instead of looking for a job, but many of us do not know what are the steps to be taken to start a business. The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) is a parastatal body under the aegis of the Ministry of Business Enterprises and Cooperatives, which promote and develop entrepreneurship in Mauritius.
Below are 10 steps identified by SMEDA to launch your own business in Mauritius:
Step 1: Conception of project/Business idea
Project profiles are available at the SMEDA Documentation centre
Step 2: Preparation of business plan
Format of business plan is available at SMEDA
Step 3: Deciding on form of business
Sole trader/ Partnership/ Company/ Co-operative Society
Step 4: Choosing the right location
Home based business/ Rent/ Purchase/ land lease
Step 5: Registering the business
The business should be registered with:
Registrar of Businesses
c/o Registrar of Company
One Cathedral Square Building
Jules Koenig Street, Port-Louis
Tel: 211-4460   Fax: 208-7263
Email: rocd@intnet.mu
Step 6: Apply for Registration with SMEDA
Small Enterprise Certificate: Enterprise having an annual Turnover not exceeding Rs 10 M
Medium Enterprise Certificate: Enterprise having an annual Turnover of more than Rs 10 M but less than Rs 50 M.
Note: A registered enterprise with SMEDA may obtain a Building & Land Use permit (see in next step) with local authority within 3 Days after the “effective date” given to the application once the relevant officer is satisfied with all relevent documents (newspaper publications, certificate of notification, legal notice) have been submitted together with the application.
Step 7: Apply for Building and Land Use Permit (BLP) with local authority
Check with Planning Department of Municipality (urban area) or District Council (rural area) whether a Building and Land Use Permit (formerly Development permit & Building permit) is required to start your proposed business.
If YES, 
  • Check which guidelines would be applicable
  • What is the zoning and policies applicable to your site as per provisions of the outline scheme.
Step 8: Financing the project
  • Banks (Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd- DBM, Commercial banks etc.) / Leasing companies
  • Venture Capital (Quasi-Equity, SME Partnership Fund Ltd)
Step 9: Implementing the project
  • Pay trade fee with local authority
  • Recruit people/ purchase equipment, raw materials, accessories etc.
  • Install machinery, equipment and furniture/ Verify systems in place to ensure safety
Step 10: Planning and Organising Business Activity
  • Procurement/ stores/ Production
  • Sales/ Advertising and Marketing
  • Finance/ Human Resources
  • Office and Administrative Work
For more information contact SMEDA
Source: Personal Contact with officer from SMEDA

About Nawsheen Hosenally

Nawsheen Hosenally, a national of the Republic of Mauritius, has over 6 years of experience in the agricultural sector, specifically focusing on the engagement of youth in agriculture through the use of ICTs. Currently, Nawsheen is the co-Founder of Agribusiness TV, a web TV that features success stories of young agricultural entrepreneurs in Africa. Nawsheen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Extension from the University of Mauritius, and a Master’s degree in Management and Information Systems from the University of Manchester.

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    1. Hi, Nawsheen, Im Uzair from Plouis, I have helped many people to develop different type of business. I know most of the procedures and Govt grant. I have been accountant and tax advisory for around 100 companies operating in all sector. contact me uzair_uz@yahoo.com or 5-7389292 anytime you need an advice. Thanks

  1. Well Nawsheen. I am an importer of fancy Items and I used to sell my Products in Expo Centres. I do not have a shop. I am registered as a general retailer(non foodstuff) but I do not have a Trade Licence. Will I be able to register with SMEDA?


    Ilshad from Port Louis

  2. Hello,

    I am planning to start a business on my own. Do i have to apply for a BRN first? And where is the SMEDA Documentation centre found?


  3. HI Nawsheen, I should say u r doing a great job !!! I was wondering how do I proceed if I decide to open a business in MRU and your blog came right up…thanks again and keep up with the good work…

    Tashini. R.

    1. Hi Tashini,

      I looking for a business partner and a serious resource person for small business as I do not have much time.

      Are you interested?
      If yes let me know how can i leave my contact details in private?


  4. Hi Nawsheen,
    The information provided is very useful to anyone setting up a business but more profitable to government than the starters.When you realize the time it will take for someone to make profit and a living, it may be 2 or 3 years and by the way that person need to pay all sort of fees inorder to exist and trade.

    1. I agree with you. The procedures are very long and very often the information on the different steps to follow are not clear. This organisation ask you to go to the other one and it goes on and on. In the end there are many people who give up and are not able to go through all these steps

  5. hi nawsheen, i wish to start a business on a land of around 2 acres for the cultivation of fatak plants for the recent diesel project. i would like to get more information regarding the project. i wish foreign investors to invest on the land. So, could u please advise me.
    Thanking you.

    1. Hello dear. Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I don’t know much about the diesel project in Mauritius. Do you know when it was announced or by which Ministry? Maybe then I may get some additional information on the subject..

  6. Good Morning,Dear Nawsheen,I am Mr.Khurwolah Imteage from Peeroo Avenue Camp De Masque,actually i am jobless looking for a job since long time ago ,i am actaully registered in the empowerment program,i have been working in the hospitality industries for more than 20yrs holding most of the time the post of housekeeping manager,but now i want to start my own business ,i already have a plot of land where i want to build up a small shop so as to provide for example chicken (chantefrais)as here in camp de masque we d’ont have any shop providing the said product to villagers,but the only problem is that i have not been working for some months and my bank balance is empty.could you please suggest if there are any possibility to do and how to start the business.

    thanks for coorperation,


    Kind regards,

  7. hi Nawsheen.. i wud like to start a dairy farming business but i don`t know how to proceed…. I do have lots of ideas but don`t hve any space(plot of land) neither enough money…. Please help me
    frm Shameem

  8. i want to open my own business can u help me
    i want to open a farm n put animal but i already have an agriculture land but what i must do to get the permit to develop the land n put the animal
    plz email me (ahnaafrosool@ymail.com

  9. Hello Nawsheen..I’m shivani..I wuld like to start a shop or supermarket business..but want to know how to proceed..If you can give me some information personally..I would be grateful…Does SMEDA can suggest me any location?Or any kind of financial support?
    Thanks in advance!!

  10. Hello nawsheen, i am afzal chunawala from mumbai, india, currently i am into imports of machinery and doing general trading of sand and construction related products. What are the possiblities to establish my own company in mauritius. And also i request you to share your experience with me, according to you which are the best business opportunities in mauritius at present. Kindly revert at earliest.
    Afzal chunawals

  11. Hi Nawsheen.. i would like to set up a media space just like a video club,etc… it would be partnership where 2 person will be implicated. don’t know where to begin..?? where to register? should i go to the smeda??? is masa implicated ? what is the real procedure?

  12. Hi Nawsheen. Your blog is very helpful. I am from Chennai,India and want to setup a small business in Mauritius. How conducive is Mauritius for starting small businesses? Is there a minimum paid-up capital required? Do Mauritius allow 100% foreign ownership? Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi Nawsheen, I’ve already started a farming project on an unused govt land, but now I want to legalize it, and start a business, what’s the first step plz…

  14. Hai I am Senthil from India, I would like to start a small bussiness in Mauritius, any one assit me which one is sutable for me.

  15. hi nawsheen i have been a housewife since marriage i want to do a home based job – i have a big yard, i am also interested in doing noodles but i have no equipment etc, wat do you advise dear?

  16. Hi Nawsheen my name ayaz khan.i am used cars busniess in japan.So tell how about used car business in Mauritius.So plz relpy how much cost REG my company in mauritius.

  17. Hi Nawsheen,

    i want to register as a building and civil contractor. Can you advise please.

    Many Thanks Satyam

  18. Hi Nashween,
    I have started a natural cosmetics business online, I deal online and do not have a shop as yet. what do I need to register the business as it is online only.I have a website being created and everything is in place

  19. hello nawsheen
    wonderful job
    am a housewife but i want to become financially self reliant from home
    your advices please

  20. Hi,i make hand bags,dress and many small things for ladies,so i want to launch a small business,i don’t have much money to investigate.can u give me an advice how can i launch this.plz….

  21. Hello,
    Will you pls guide me on following
    Is it possible to have virtual office in Mauritius?
    Is it possible to run business by PO Box at Mauritius?

  22. Hallo Nausheen.
    I want to start steel rolling bussiness in mauritious.
    Let me provide all informations and tax structures etc in this regard.
    Thank you
    Sandeep singh

  23. Dear Nawsheen,
    Thanks for the great insights. Any tips for someone who wants to start an e-commerce business in Mru…

    1. Hi Christel,

      My husband is an expat, we wanted to look into the possibilities of starting an E-Commerce business in Mauritius, if you are the right person, then do contact us on

  24. Hi Nawsheen. I am an indian . Wants to do some cafetaria or trading . Whats the requirement i need to come and do .. i mean visa and all

  25. Hi there

    I am from South Africa, i would like to start a new business and Mauritius seems a great way to start and i will most glady create employment and transfer my skills and knowledge. What would u suggest what your country needs in terms of business? i am skilled in human resources, payroll, small business management, retail Management. Let me know what will be most enriching for your country.

  26. hi nawsheen.
    i am from India,i would like to start a buisness of traditional Indian clothes like saree,suits,lehanga chunni.
    i want to launch a buisness can u plz help me out.and also i like u to share your experince with me..n give me some links of the retailers

  27. Hello Dear Nausheen,

    I am Husnain from pakistan and doing a business. Now i want to register a business in Mauritius so please guide me in this regard. Kindly tell me about any verified consultant or legal advisor who will help me to register a company in Mauritius.

    Thanks & regards,

  28. Hello Nawsheen ,

    How do I start with opening a retail shop in Mauritius ,as I am a small shoe retailer in South Africa with two shops so far?


  29. Hi Nawsheen
    My father is a fruit seller,and i want to expand our business
    I wanted to become a fruit exporter
    But i don’t know where to start
    Please if u could help

  30. Hello all,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing with me your queries. Please note that I have written this article 3 years ago, following a meeting I had with an officer from SMEDA. As I am not based in Mauritius anymore, I cannot can the answer to all your queries. Please visit the website of SMEDA (http://www.smeda.mu/) or call them on 233 0500 for more information on how to start a business in different areas.

    Hope this helps!

  31. i want to start a business of fancy jewellery , i just finished my hsc. am 20 years old, how to start procedures or is it possible?

  32. Dear Sir.
    I need your help , i’m Lebanese living in congo Brazzaville and I’m very interested to make a small business in Mauritius, i want to know what the cost for registering a company if i want to be a sole agent for a cosmetics brands and i want to open a shop in a mall and also may i have idea of the customs tax on cosmetics.
    Best regards,

  33. Hello
    Am neeta I want to open a business like selling of incense sticks and other pooja items at wholesale and retail. Wat are the steps to take and if SMEDA can help in

  34. I have just returned back to South Africa from a vacation in Mauritius . i am surprised to see that Mauritius imports meat from Austalia ( 3 times further away than South Africa ) , dairy products from France ( even further away ) which probably attributes to the high cost of certain foodstuffs . Is there any reason why South Africa is not a considered supplier for many of Mauritius food requirements . I was told that Mauritians prefer to at the higher price for foodstuffs labeled in French ? I am sure South Africa is capable of supplying products with product information and labeling in French if need be and I invite any interested parties wishing to explore this possibility to import into Mauritius from South Africa , not only food stuffs but any other products . I would be happy to partner up with a Mauritian person with this regard as I have an import export permit to send products from South Africa . I am not too fluent in French but I am learning but I am sure we will manage . Whilst there , I met with a gentleman , Thiery at Flik en Flak , who is in the ornamental wall cladding business but who imports his raw materials from America and he pays in American dollars . At the moment , it would be very advantageous for Mauritius to take advantage of the weak South African Rand and to buy from South Africa . South Africa has vast resources in agricultural , industrial and technological fields and I would like to see if business relationships can be built for the benefit of both countries . If you are in Majritius and have a product or idea that South Africa may be of assistance with , please contact me with your proposal and I will see how we can assist . My e mail is taur561@yahoo.com. Attention : Michael du Plessis

  35. Hello Iam Dany from Lebanon
    I would like to open a small international sandwich place in a good tourist location in Mauritius island
    Like a shop not more than 40 sqm
    Did any one guide me how much is the rent per month or per year for a shop like that a 40 sqm in a good tourist location
    And what is the procedure for that to can open that shop as a Lebanese citizen and also how much cost me the paper to be legal
    They is my email if some one can get back to me
    Thank you

  36. Hello
    I would like to open a dermatology clinic with cosmetic treatment facility in mauritius. Kindly guide me for the same.

  37. Dear Mr/Mrs,

    Last 3 month’s I did live in Mauritius as a tourist with the Belgium nationality.
    My question is or I can stay in Mauritius without marriage and just have a business. What can I do not to have a residential permit because I don’t have that money to put 40000$ on a bill and to have 130000$ after 3 years even I’m 50 yo. How can I get a bank account?
    Can you give me some idea’s to do business with a small investing in Mauritius.


    With kind regards,

    Van Kets Roger,

    I stay now in Europe but in August 2016 I’ll come back.

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