NawsheenOriginally from Mauritius, Nawsheen Hosenally is a freelance ICT4Ag and Social Media Consultant, based in Burkina Faso. She has been working in the areas of youth, agriculture and ICT for the past 5 years with various regional and international organisations, including the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in the Netherlands. Nawsheen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Extension and is also a part-time student, pursuing her Master’s degree in Management and Information Systems at the University of Manchester, UK.

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  1. AA

    Hi Nawsheen

    You got a nice website and good contents too.

    I Like the article 10 steps for doing business in mauritius and your
    commitment to sustainable development .

    Keep it up Nawsheen!

    Would be glad to connect to you on linkedin – https://mu.linkedin.com/in/shorabc

    We could share links to our respective websites. Let me know.

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