Another effect of climate change?

It’s 9 pm and I just arrived home from the most exciting farm visit I had in a long time. And as I logged on to Facebook, I saw what has happened in Mauritius: another torrential rainfall and this time the capital city, Port-Louis is severely hit. Flooding, accidents, traffic jam, 6 people lost their lives […]


2012: My best moments!

Last year, I was writing my last post for 2011 in Mauritius on this date and I had no idea how 2012 will be like. I thought that the best things that could have happened was over, but I was wrong. 2012 has has been a really wonderful year for me. It was full of […]


CTA Strategic Youth Stakeholders Workshop kicks off in the Netherlands

The CTA Youth Stakeholder Workshop is currently being held in Wageningen, the Netherlands from 14-16 November 2012. Around 25 participants and CTA staffs were present at the event, and the official opening was done by the Director of CTA, Mr. Michael Hailu. The objective of the first day of the workshop was to hear from […]