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“When you try to do something new that no one tried before, people look at you strangely and think what is wrong with you. You went to school and university, and still instead of getting a job, you are trying to do crazy things. It has been difficult for me to convince my parents and close […]


Choose life before profit

In the name of development, a lot has been taking place in the agricultural sector. Statistics show that by 2050, we will have to feed 9 billion people and increase food production by 70%. Indeed, there is a need to invest more in agricultural research to achieve this, but what should be the priority and […]


GCARD: More than a mere conference!

October 2012 is going to mark an important event for those involved in Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D). More than 600 people from all over the world will attend the Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD2), organized by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), in association with CGIAR, the global partnership that unites organizations […]