My First video interview with participants of PAEPARD AIF Workshop

My experience at the PAEPARD Agricultural Innovation Facilitators’ Workshop from 28th November to 2nd December 2011 in Entebbe (Uganda) has been a very enriching one. I got the opportunity to learn about facilitation, meet professionals in the field of agriculture (from more than 10 countries), who had many years of experience in research, extension, farmer organisations and NGOs. By documenting and blogging about the workshop everyday, I took up a new challenge and I’m glad that I succeeded in doing so. The next step was to video interview some participants of the workshop, which was new for me since I had never put into practice the things I had learned in agricultural extension with respect to interviews.

On the last day of the workshop, I had interviewed some on the participants and had no idea how the outcome would be, but in the end, even if the videos are not perfect I’m happy with the little contribution I have been able to make in sharing the experience of these professionals with others!

The video interviews can be viewed below:

Mr. Laurent Glinx from Benin

Mr. David Suale of Sierra Leone

Mrs. Sylvie Mbog from Cameroon

More details on the Participants and content of the video can be read HERE.

P.S: Video edited and uploaded by Mr. Francois Stepman, European co-manager PAEPARD Project

About Nawsheen Hosenally

Nawsheen Hosenally, a national of the Republic of Mauritius, has over 6 years of experience in the agricultural sector, specifically focusing on the engagement of youth in agriculture through the use of ICTs. Currently, Nawsheen is the co-Founder of Agribusiness TV, a web TV that features success stories of young agricultural entrepreneurs in Africa. Nawsheen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Extension from the University of Mauritius, and a Master’s degree in Management and Information Systems from the University of Manchester.

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