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From where do we obtain Agricultural information? We all look for information everyday and depending on our needs, we get them from different sources. When it comes to Agricultural Information, the stakeholders engaged in the Agricultural Value Chain obtain their information from various sources: indigenous knowledge from parents/relatives in the field,  from extension officers, from […]


CTA Strategic Youth Stakeholders Workshop kicks off in the Netherlands

The CTA Youth Stakeholder Workshop is currently being held in Wageningen, the Netherlands from 14-16 November 2012. Around 25 participants and CTA staffs were present at the event, and the official opening was done by the Director of CTA, Mr. Michael Hailu. The objective of the first day of the workshop was to hear from […]


Web 2.0 Learning Opportunity in Mauritius : Closing Ceremony and Award of Certificates

The closing ceremony and award of certificates of the Web 2.0 Learning Opportunity in Mauritius was held on 27th July 2012 at the Lecture Theatre 2 of the New Academic Complex, University of Mauritius. Present at the ceremony were the Pro-Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the University of Mauritius, the acting Dean of the Faculty […]